For those who are asking for adminship, please fill in the following details

User name:__________________________

Your speech on requesting adminship: (250 words)

  • Explain why you would like to be one
  • what would you change?
  • What rules would you enforce on here
  • What would you do about trolls and spammers
  • What templates would you invent?

Then you attach a references from other wiki's on here (3 Ref's at least)

After we read your request then you speek diretly to your references provided.

Then after a week we will have a meeting and talk it through.

After 8 days of requesting we will get back to you about your request for adminship is accepted or deined and we will leave a message on your talk page to notifiy about the result.

So becareful what you say here, it may be used in evidence againest you if you intend to do harm againest this wiki and you will be reported to Community Central.

thanks for co-operating.

First request for adminship..

Username: Carmen And Blue Jeans

If I was to become a admin, I promise to use everything wisely, and for the good of the wiki. I know that I am not as experienced as any of the other users here, but I am motavated. I hope you do let me join this amazing admin team.

  • Why would you like to be one? Because it sounds like fun.
  • What would you change? Nothing.
  • What rules would you enforce here? Rules? None.
  • What would you do about all the trolls and spammers here? IDK!
  • What template would you invent? Um....?

Blue Jeans 10:28, July 25, 2012 (UTC)

You need to spend more time gaining experince on this wiki before been considered for adminship. You've made 0 edits in the mainspace of the wiki (ie, not blogs and comments), which doesn't show any intrest. Also, you've only joined today and you've already been blocked for bad launguge on userpages. So I personally decline your request. Sorry.LawrenceGirl 10:47, July 25, 2012 (UTC)
As what LawrenceGirl said you need time to gain adminship and for your bad language I blocked you until the 21st of August and if you seem to use foul language I will have you blocked forever.Edward's Wife